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The strengths of the creations

The power of colour

The power of water

The power of beauty

The power of positive thinking

Franca Grillo

Indoor vibration


The strengths of the creations

Franca Grillo - vibrations - le pouvoir de la couleur

The power of colour

Franca Grillo - vibrations - le pouvoir de l'eau

The power of water

Franca Grillo - vibrations - le pouvoir du beau

The power of beauty

Franca Grillo - vibrations - le pouvoir de la pensée positive

The power of positive thinking

• The power of colour :

Colours do us a lot of good, more than we can imagine, because they influence our subconscious. It is neuroscience that has advanced our knowledge of the impact of colours on our health. Colours have a real influence on us, whether it is physiological or psychological. We live in a world that is so lacking in colour! Let’s shake up our beliefs and prejudices in order to do ourselves some good on a daily basis. 

Let’s put colour in our interiors to create together your colour paradise: your transport vehicles, your offices, your reception rooms, your tourist accommodation etc., with our professional area and your decorations, your favourite objects, your walls, your furniture with our shop area.

• The power of water :

We are 70% water. Knowledge can change our mind, body and life. The principle of this science is based on vibration and resonance. Scientists are researching this and Masaru Emoto, has discovered that water records information and understands meaning. Professors Jacques Benveniste and Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008, are shaking up our beliefs by highlighting their research into the memory of water. When in contact with positive vibrations, your water, your body will perceive this reasoning and will raise your vibration. Be vigilant to the contact of objects that surround you. Let us act together in consciousness by taking care of this precious water which is in you. 

• The power of beauty :

Beauty makes us feel good. Beauty is an aesthetic journey that can change our daily lives.  Many scientists are interested in this issue. Some have shown that the pleasure and reward centre of the brain is activated in people who contemplate works that they consider beautiful. Cultivating beauty and wonder invites us to project ourselves into a world of escape, joy and optimism. This is the experience I wish to share with you.

• The power of positive thinking :

Positive thinking creates energies of well-being. It puts into action the intention to get what you want. With positive thoughts, your space fills with good energy. Scientific research has shown that human thoughts and intentions can change physical reality, including the molecular structure of water. Other studies show a reduced risk of heart attack, longer life expectancy, better health. Every time I paint, every time I create, I visualise benevolent intentions to create this invisible force.

The colours of the chakras



What is a chakra?

A chakra is an energy entrance. They are placed within our body. They are invisible, even if some people have the ability to see them. Chakra means “wheel”, “rotating disc”, so they are in motion. There are 7 main ones and they are distributed from the base of the spine to the base of the head. They are health regulators.

What is its role?

Each chakra has its own role within the body and has a meaningful name such as root, throat, heart…. It stimulates our body and performs a vital function on our physical, mental and emotional state. Your physical body and your energy body are connected. They are a kind of receptor that allows the human body to strengthen its immune system.

What is their connection with colour?

Each chakra is represented by a colour of the rainbow. The chakras are linked to many therapies such as chromotherapy. This is the luminous use of colours. Each colour has its own meaning, its virtue (see diagram).

My experience?

Each of my paintings, each of my drawings and patterns vibrate with colours and connect with our body. This allows us to absorb the best, to recharge our batteries, to unblock a memory, to stimulate our well-being.

chakras - Franca Grillo